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Albel Nox
Okay you worms and maggots out there. I getting incredibly bored and restless, so if anyone dares answer my call, I have a very quick and easy solution to this.

Paint ball.

I'm looking for everyone and anyone who wants to come out and be slaughtered play. Interested? Just respond to this entry.

I hope I'm not sorely disappointed.
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There are many paths that I imagined that I would take. Unfortunately, none of them involved me playing maid for some ungrateful maggots at a library.

God, if I don't find something to keep my mind entertained, I swear that I'll go postal. There must be *something* fun to do around here.

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Please ignore all previous entries here as this journal will be used to play in somni_astrum
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Campus detectives are describing the discovery of mysterious charred remains in Thracian, possibly linked to the recent campus murders.

"Officials were called to the center of Thracian Park just before 8 p.m. today after park joggers spotted a fire burning . The inferno gave firefighters great difficulty as it was fueled by magical means. After the flames were extinguished, the firefighters then noticed a metal gauntlet and a sword among the ashes.

The items were identified as belonging to a man named Albel Nox, a student at Aegean. He was listed as missing as of last week and is believed to have been another victim of the recent murders.

It is likely that the victim attempted to engage the murderer before he was killed and set ablaze.

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Another year, another chance for the world to show how miserable it really is.

I can't say that I'm looking forward to school again, but then again, there isn't much that I look forward to anymore.

A word to my roommate, Zack Fair. Don't get in my way and I'll stay out of yours. Agreed?
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Stupid fog. It reminds me so much of my homeland that it sickens me. I hate the snow and I hate this fog. Overall, I'm just in a very hateful mood right now. Everything seems to bother me or annoy me.

So note to those maggots listening: stay out of my way.

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Prom night? 

Sounds like another social gathering where maggots come to fester. But seeing as it is the only interesting thing to have come out of Aegean lately...

Well, Zelda? I need to talk to you about this...prom thing.
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How the hell do they expect these worms to go to school when random crap like this keeps on happening? How do they expect a reptile to do anything around here when the classes are all air-conditioned? 

Forget this. I refuse to do anything until this "event" passes. If any worm or maggot needs me, I'll be basking on a rock somewhere on the beach.

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Not enough...

Simply...not enough...

What else am I missing...?

Or have I been wasting my time?

Days of seclusion and I've found no answers. But I've only chanced upon one conclusion: the only thing I can truly depend on in this world are my blades. Everything else...is fallable.. Corruptible. Worms and fools alike.

A lesson learned too late. But learned nevertheless.

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So like...I know I lost my memory and all awhile ago, but maybe I can do to be more like...nicer? You know?

First thing's first! My wardrobe has totally got to get a makeover? I mean, I like the purple, but these dresses make my ass look too big. Something more slimming to show off this fabulous body.

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